How to Remove a Splinter: Tips and the Handy Craft Tools Splinter Guard Solution

How to Remove a Splinter: Tips and the Handy Craft Tools Splinter Guard Solution

Splinters can be an irritating and painful nuisance, whether they're made of wood or fiberglass. While some might try to extract them with needles or tweezers, there are alternative methods that can be just as effective. In this blog post, we'll explore two unconventional ways to remove splinters and introduce you to a groundbreaking solution by Handy Craft Tools that can help you avoid fiberglass splinters altogether.

The Trouble with Splinters

Splinters may seem small and harmless, but they can be a real pain when embedded beneath your skin. Attempting to squeeze them out is often counterproductive, as it can push the splinter deeper or break it into smaller, more elusive fragments. Here, we'll discuss how to deal with both wood and fiberglass splinters effectively.

Removing a Wood Splinter

  1. Get a Potato: Instead of squeezing the splinter, take a potato and cut it into slices.

  2. Apply Potato Slice: Place one of the potato slices onto the splinter without applying pressure.

  3. Deep Fry the Rest: Now, here's where it gets interesting. You can deep fry the remaining potato slices for a tasty snack later while you wait for the splinter to come out.

  4. Wait and Remove: After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the potato slice. In most cases, the splinter should come out with it. If not, at least you enjoyed a snack!

Avoiding Fiberglass Splinters with Handy Craft Tools

Fiberglass splinters can be especially annoying and painful. Fortunately, Handy Craft Tools has introduced an innovative solution to eliminate the risk of fiberglass splinters entirely: the Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods.

Handy Craft Tools has added a proprietary protective coating to their fish rods, effectively eliminating the possibility of fiberglass splinters. These rods also have the added benefit of glowing in the dark, making them perfect for illuminating dim workspaces. Additionally, these Splinter Guard products allow you to work pain-free and glove-free, ensuring you maintain complete dexterity on the job.

Removing a Fiberglass Splinter

If you happen to be working with older rods and still encounter fiberglass splinters, here's a method to remove them:

  1. Grab Duct Tape: Get your nearest roll of duct tape.

  2. Cover the Area: Apply the duct tape over the area with splinters, ensuring it adheres securely to your skin.

  3. Rip It Off: Carefully rip off the tape.

  4. Repeat as Needed: If there are still splinters left, repeat the process until they're all removed.

Conclusion: Handy Craft Tools Splinter Guard Solution

Dealing with splinters, whether wood or fiberglass, can be a frustrating experience. However, by following the methods described above, you can effectively remove splinters without resorting to painful squeezing or tweezing.

For those who want to avoid fiberglass splinters altogether, Handy Craft Tools' Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods provide a revolutionary solution. With these rods, you can work confidently, free from the worry of painful splinters, while also enjoying the benefits of illuminated workspaces. Say goodbye to splinter woes and make your work easier and safer with Handy Craft Tools' innovative Splinter Guard products. Don't compromise when you can have pain-free wire pulling and added visibility – choose Handy Craft Tools.

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